Born in Paris in 1974, Paul has been exploring various mediums for many years. Through the traditional methods and skills such as modeling clay,  sculpting marble, which he mastered in Italy, to his more recent expression through 3D work, he touches on irony and truth, sensuality and pragmatism.

A skilled artigiano, artist and accomplished sculptor, Paul is a true talent with original ideas who pulls together the classical themes of the figurative and the beauty and irony of modern society. The combination creates intelligent, thought-provoking works which inspire curiosity and dispel old ideas.

Paul has collaborated with artists such Javier Marin, Damien Hirst, Ferdinando Botero and Knut Steen but truly comes to the fore when expressing his own ideas through his work.

Paul Mercier’s sculptures explore and reflect the subtle space between the masculine and feminine form and the delicate pull of both power and submission.